A Message to Sanders After Another #BlackLivesMatter Disruption

A Message to Sanders After Another #BlackLivesMatter Disruption

Not all Black Americans applaud the #BlackLivesMatters disruption of Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle yesterday afternoon.

“This is a message for the Sanders campaign. Bernie, those three people who shouted you down tonight… do not speak for the millions of African Americans in this country… They don’t speak for the 15,000 people who showed up to see you, of all races, Black, White, Chinese, Native American, all of it…

You speak for all of us. You need to stay on message.

Often, the loudest voices in society don’t come from the largest population. It comes from, sometimes, the smallest groups, the people who are most angry, the people who feel the most powerless, and the people with misdirected anger.

Your campaign and your message is resonating. You’ve motivated 1000’s of people, I’m being one of them – someone who was completely, completely, demoralized about the state of politics, a complete cynic. You were able to get me to care again – with your message about income inequality, because that is what matters.

If you give a sh*t about Black lives, why the hell would you be shooting down the one person who’s trying to help? That don’t make any sense.

The reason you were targeted is not because your policies are wrong, Mr. Sanders. It’s because you created a venue where you had a large audience. That’s the reason you were targeted. That’s the reason why Clinton wasn’t targeted, or any of these other people out there.

These people don’t care about their own message. They just want to go out and shout, and get attention… They don’t represent us. They don’t speak for us.

Now, to the other supporters out there: We will not fall into this trap. We will not be divided on racial lines. It is not going to work. This movement cannot be stopped. And together we will win.

The work continues. Feel the Bern.” — 3star2nr

Regarding the rally disruption:

Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut down Bernie Sanders; Later Rally Draws 15,000

“A Seattle speech by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was pre-empted in a chaotic confrontation Saturday afternoon with a pair of Black Lives Matter protesters, who took the stage and refused to let him speak.

The Vermont senator, who has drawn huge crowds around the country, was to be the star attraction and final speaker for a rally at Westlake Park to celebrate the 80th birthday of Social Security and the success of other anti-poverty programs.

But his afternoon plans were scuttled by protesters determined to turn attention instead to Sunday’s anniversary of the shooting by a white police officer of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Mo. ” — Jim Brunner, The Seattle Times

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