#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Upstaged the Most Progressive Presidential Candidate: Bernie Sanders (Video)

#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Upstaged the Most Progressive Presidential Candidate: Bernie Sanders (Video)

Activists from the #BlackLivesMatter movement interrupted Bernie Sanders at an event in Seattle. That’s right, they upstaged the most progressive candidate in the presidential race. — AJ+

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has designed a comprehensive policy agenda against racial injustice that aims to reform the very structures that create and/or exasperate racism in America. I hope you’ll take a look.

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JoAnn Chateau
  • The lesson learned from actions taken by understandably frustrated people in Seattle is the importance of focus. Focus away from actions which separate people toward the messages of Mr. Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn of Britain, Pope Francis etc.and all people around the world now speaking truth to power and pushing for real change to improve the lives of untold millions of fellow citizens.

    • I agree totally. One of the things we need to learn better, is how to collaborate.

      Another example, I wish all the different anti-corruption groups would work together. They each tackle the problem from a different angle. Why not a hub (i.e., website) that celebrates their varied efforts toward a single goal? And there could the message, “When you support one of us, you support all of us.’ That is, all the advocacy groups and all the American people.

  • Saw this and now  understand why you were so annoyed.  Iam soooo angry about it.  Between that and the Trump thing I am just so tired of our country.  You think these people need to wear a kick me sign to feel comfortable, fulfilled. 

  • I read earlier that there was some disagreement within the #BlackLivesMatter movement about pursuing Sanders. Apparently, a single person (a lady) made the decision to disrupt his speech. I know no additional details, but I can’t help wondering if the Clinton campaign had something to do with it.

    • ‘Disruption’ is more accurate. Many people of all races in the progressive movement feel disappointed and irritated, along with the justified anger and urgency of the #BlackLIvesMatter movement. I hope we get into the flow – it seems like an ideal opportunity for synergy.

      Thanks for your reminder for compassion and patience. Even further, I know you would advocate simple acceptance and inner peace – before taking any action, even the act of allowing.

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