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Ende Gelände: Here, But No Further (Video)

Yesterday, 1500 people from over 45 countries, took part in a daring act of mass civil disobedience to shut down Europe’s biggest source of CO2 emissions: the Rhineland coalfields owned by utility company RWE.

This action very clearly sends a signal to governments and the fossil fuel industry around the world that people are fed up. People want a future that is free of climate change. And that, if you’re not going to solve it for us, we’re going to solve it for you.

— Payal Parekj, 350.org Global Managing Director

A bit of the pre-story:

Reflections on the train towards Ende Gelände (Link)

Together, we were aiming to get a 1000+ people to the action but until this week, despite the tireless organizing, I was unsure we’d meet our target. I needn’t have worried. More and more people have been turning up to the pre-action Klimacamp all week. Yesterday we heard there were already over 1000 people here from 45 countries, making it the biggest one yet in Germany.

I’m hopeful that this action will send a powerful message worldwide and will also stand us in good stead for what is to come in Paris and beyond.

— Emma Biermann, 350.org

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