Yesterday, 1500 people from over 45 countries, took part in a daring act of mass civil disobedience to shut down Europe’s biggest source of CO2 emissions: the Rhineland coalfields owned by utility company RWE.

This action very clearly sends a signal to governments and the fossil fuel industry around the world that people are fed up. People want a future that is free of climate change. And that, if you’re not going to solve it for us, we’re going to solve it for you.

— Payal Parekj, Global Managing Director

A bit of the pre-story:

Reflections on the train towards Ende Gelände (Link)

Together, we were aiming to get a 1000+ people to the action but until this week, despite the tireless organizing, I was unsure we’d meet our target. I needn’t have worried. More and more people have been turning up to the pre-action Klimacamp all week. Yesterday we heard there were already over 1000 people here from 45 countries, making it the biggest one yet in Germany.

[…] I’m hopeful that this action will send a powerful message worldwide and will also stand us in good stead for what is to come in Paris and beyond.

— Emma Biermann,