Yesterday, more than 20,000 New Zealand protesters marched against the TPP, the infamous trade agreement being written in secret. A recurring theme of the protest march: “Democracy does not happen behind closed doors!”

Thousands of people marched across multiple cities in New Zealand protesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. The White House says it’s a good deal, but why is it a secret?

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A little background. The video at the beginning of the following article is worth watching. It really expresses what we all feel. “Democracy is not a ‘trust-us democracy’, it’s a ‘peoples’ democracy.'”

Thousands March against TPP Trade Agreement (Link)

Organizers estimated 10,000 protesters had gathered in Auckland; 5000 in Wellington; 4000 in Christchurch and 2000 in both Dunedin and Hamilton. They put the crowds at 800 in Nelson, 500 in Napier, 300 in New Plymouth, 200 in Tauranga, 250 in Golden Bay and 50 in Featherson .

In Auckland the gathered masses ranged from parents with young families to veteran protesters, and came together under banners reading “TPPA Democratic Terrorists”, and “TPPA No Way”.

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