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Naomi Klein Brands PM Abbott a ‘Climate Villain’ (Link)

Climate action author and activist Naomi Klein recently spoke at the Vatican Climate Change Conference. Now she’s preparing to head to Australia for the Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas to talk about ‘Capitalism and the Climate’ on September 5th. As a prelude, she called out PM Tony Abbott as a ‘climate villain.’

Ahead of Australia Visit, Naomi Klein Brands PM Abbott a ‘Climate Villain’ (Link)

In a pair of interviews given ahead of her upcoming visit to Australia, author and activist Naomi Klein branded Prime Minister Tony Abbott as a “climate villain” and said that Canadians and Australians can relate because they are both run by governments bent on destroying the planet. “In Canada I can’t tell where the oil industry ends and the government begins and in Australia the same is true when it comes to coal,” she told Guardian Australia in an interview published Sunday. ~ Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

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