The work of mysterious satirical street artist, Banksey, strikes again. He has erected an anti-amusement park, called Dismaland, in the English coastal town of Weston-super-Mare. (Sounds a bit ‘French’ to me.)

Enter Dismaland: Banksy’s New Disneyland Parody Brings Life to British Coastal Town (Link)

The dark parody of Disneyland – aptly named Dismaland – is the latest project of British street artist Banksy. The famous ‘guerilla’ artist first appeared 20-years ago in the U.K., where his political and often provocative work quickly made him the biggest name in the international street-art scene. ~ Tara John, Time

What a masterful creative action! Dismaland uses this intensly dark humor to reflect the dystopian underbelly of our middle-class fantasy.

Or do you think he’s saying something else? Go ahead – great art is open to interpretation.

Dr. Rex’s blog clued me into Banksy’s latest project.

In case you’re wondering, the mysterious Banksy’s identity was revealed several years ago.

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