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Using Our Force of Creation for Activism

When we find ourselves creating, it’s like an unspoken faith that we’re connected to a higher good.

The Peace Poets on the Role of Art in Activism

When we make art, and when we bring art to the movement, not only are we using our force of creation, but we’re also remembering our connection. ~ Luke Nephew

‘All for You’ by Luke Nephew

Now, for a real treat. A sampling of Luke Nephew’s spoken word art: ‘All for You.’

Luke Nephew is an artist educator with Voices UnBroken, which is a ‘Bronx-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing under-heard members of the community, primarily youth ages 12-24, with the tools and opportunity for creative self-expression.’ Luke wrote ‘All for You’ for them.

Find more spoken word art videos at The Peace Poets Youtube channel.

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