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White Nationalist Movement Rallies behind Trump’s Immigration Plan (Link)

Most Likely, presidential candidate Donald Trump does not consider himself in camp with white supremacists. But an unholy alliance is growing between him and them, as white supremacist hate groups enthusiastically endorse Trump for president. What is their common interest? Ruthless immigration reform.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) breaks it down:

An Energized White Nationalist Movement Rallies behind Trump’s Immigration Plan (Link)

With his campaign showing no signs on slowing down, Donald Trump continued his war on immigrants by introducing a six-page immigration plan that reads like the playbook of the organized anti-immigrant movement in America.  Trump’s plan — calling for mass deportations, a border fence and gutting the 14th amendment — also strengthened his support among white nationalists… ~ HateWatch Staff, Southern Poverty Law Center

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