What could be more positive, exciting, and important to a society than good education? Then why aren’t teachers paid more?

States across the U.S. have reported teacher shortages. AJ+ spoke with some teachers who are still working in the classroom about what’s wrong with public education. ~ AJ+

Some people think that professions funded through taxes deserve low pay. Regardless of the education required, or the great service rendered to society, these professionals are expected to more-or-less financially sacrifice themselves for the sake of duty. Since these professionals seldom work in settings that generate profit, they are disrespected. Low pay is disrespectful.

In actuality, the so-called ‘helping’ professionals like teachers, librarians, counselors, and social workers are publicly funded because they are deemed necessary to the common good. They are not just helping out a little, they make our society strong, from the neck up. Without them, we become stupid and dysfunctional.

For the sake of argument, however, let’s say these professions are icing on the cake – something to enjoy when we can afford them. Well, it’s embarrassing that America is too poor to have cake with icing.

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