Harvard Law Professor Dr. Lawrence Lessig said he would run for Referendum President if he raised $1 million by Labor Day. He did it. Now we’ll see how the American public responds to his platform, which addresses one single issue: Corruption in politics.

Citizens Equality Act of 2017

If elected, Lawrence Lessig promises to stay in office only as long as it takes to pass the Citizens Equality Act of 2017. The Act would reform campaign finance, voters’ rights, and Congressional representation.

A vote for Lessig is really a vote for an anti-corruption referendum. Once the Citizens Equality Act is passed, Lessig resigns. Then the Vice President takes over as President.

Vote for Vice President

So who will be the Vice President, if Lessig is elected? For Lessig, the main criteria is that he/she needs to be consistent with the Democratic Party.

You can ‘vote’ for Lessig’s VP here: Vice Presidency Poll.

A Convoluted Presidential Race

With Lawrence Lessig running as Referendum President, the 2016 Presidential Race becomes a bit convoluted. How would this Referendum President idea actually play out? Even with many questions, one thing is clear. Political corruption is now front and center.

We need Lessig in the presidential debates, and in the media. He is brilliant, likable, and easy-listening. People may not go so far as to embrace the radical idea of a Referendum President, by voting for Lessig, but their eyes and ears are going to be open. Their hope and thirst for restored democracy will rise. The American political scene will never be the same.

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