There is simmering anger in the land. I see it in the tiny microcosm of my blogging community. For example, here are two new pieces by Leslie Martel at Swo8. The second is in collaboration with Shelby Courtland. They are talented creatives, activists, and communicators.

Their works fill me with grief. Their works also fill me with foreboding, unless I believe they are part of the fruitful good fight. So… where is the fruit of reform on trade agreements, on racial injustice? Frustrated anger eventually explodes.

Now is the time. Corporate elites need to share some of their pie. The powers-that-be need to loosen their ‘reigns.’

‘Sold Out’ by SWO8 Blues Jazz (Link)

April 20-22, 2001 we drove some 8.5 hours to be present at the “Summit of the Americas” in Quebec City.  It was the third summit and the multinational corporations were heavily represented as well as the Heads of State from the governments of the Americas. Security was heavy with a continuous 3 metre high concrete and wire fence. The police force amounted to a small army dressed in the universal black assault uniform… ~ SWO8

‘The Rose of Black Is Sacred’ – Music by SWO8 Blues Jazz & Lyrics by Shelby Courtland (Link)

The song “The Rose of Black is Sacred” was inspired by a truly great poet and lyricist, Shelby Courtland. The art work is also Shelby’s creation. Ms. Courtland writes with such passion and force that she is incredibly moving. “The Negro IS the Black rose.” ~ SWO8

Read the lyrics of ‘The Rose of Black Is Sacred.’

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