Jeremy Corbyn Wins Labour Leadership Race in Stunning Victory (Video)

Congratulations to the Brits! Hard-left Jeremy Corbyn wins leadership of the Labour Party. Anti-war, anti-austerity, there is much political opposition to Corbyn. On the other hand, the people are exhibiting ‘Corbyn-mania’. RT covers the win.

Labour Leadership: Jeremy Corbyn Elected with Huge Mandate (Link)

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the British Labour party, in a stunning first-round victory that dwarfed even the mandate for Tony Blair in 1994…Minutes after his victory, Corbyn said the message is that people are “fed up with the injustice and the inequality” of Britain… ~ Rowena Mason, The Guardian

  1. God forbid a person firmly against wars and killing wins a leadership election. What is this world coming to? 🙂

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    1. The commentator called him ‘scruffy’ as he rides his bicycle around London. Ha! His whole ‘persona’ exudes class – something many billionaires know nothing about.


  2. The first good news to come out of the UK in a while. Woo hoo!!!!!

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