Whistleblower: Modern Policing Is Rooted in Racist Policies (Video)

Whistleblower: Modern Policing Is Rooted in Racist Policies (Video)

White cop whistleblower, Michael Wood, has revealed much about police misconduct and racism in the Baltimore Police Department. About law enforcement in general, he says: ‘The entire foundation of criminal justice is wrong.”

TheRealNews recently talked to Wood. Catch the interview in two parts:

Ex-Baltimore Officer Michael Wood who came to fame tweeting about corruption inside the agency says there is no evidence aggressive policing reduces crime. ~ TheRealNews

TRNN brings you the second part of our interview with former Baltimore Police Sergeant Michael Wood. ~ TheRealNews

It was on June 24, 2015 that Michael Wood began tweeting about police misconduct.

Former Baltimore Police Officer Comes Clean About Corruption on Force (Link)

A former Baltimore police sergeant took to Twitter Wednesday to air a stunning list of acts he said he participated in and witnessed during his 11 years on the city’s force. Michael Wood gave a no-holds barred look at his career in a previous radio interview, but his tweets gained traction for their brazen admissions that officers lied to get overtime, illegally searched “thousands of people” and committed gross acts during raids, like urinating and defecating on suspects’ beds… ~ Michael McLaughlin, Huffington Post

It is unclear to me what motivated Wood to begin talking openly about police misconduct, to break the code of silence among cops, including retired ones. My guess is that he’s an over-achiever who was edged out of the police herd for being different, and for playing department politics poorly. For example, he wrote a police manual that was not well-received.

Wood is currrently working on his Ph.D. He’s an activist for criminal justice reform. He’s interviewing everywhere. He’s got a great website and social media presence on Twitter at Michael A. Wood Jr. Keep your eye on this man, he’s smart, and he’s on a mission.

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