At a time when the highly-viewed Republican debates are drawing out hate groups from every nook and cranny, we need a Democrat counterpoint. Let’s balance this meanness with brotherhood – and more Democrat debates.

You may ask who could compete with showman on the Right, Donald Trump? How about Bernie Sanders, or Larry Lessig? Democracy is hot right now, and they are the very intriguing stars.

Underdog Bernie Sanders urges political revolution, and surges in the polls. He can hardly believe it, himself.

Lessig’s Referendum President is the most creative U.S. political platform of all time. He promises to resign as soon as he fixes democracy – that is, get money out of politics.

The supporting cast isn’t too shabby either: Clinton, O’Malley, Web, Chaffey. They are all fine, qualified candidates for President. Some have more name recognition than others.

Let’s get the show on the road. Everyone wants more Democrat debates.

Democrats Demand More Debate Time as Intra-Party Rift Reaches Boiling Point (Link)

When the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz took the stage at a party convention in New Hampshire this weekend, her speech was drowned out with a resounding chant of “we want debates”. Just days before, Democratic activists brought the issue to the DNC’s front door with dozens of protesters gathered outside – some from the Martin O’Malley campaign and others waving #FeeltheBern signs – demonstrated outside DNC headquarters in Washington DC, to demand that their party allow more presidential debates… ~ Lauren Gambino, The Guardian

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