New York City soup kitchen Collide recognizes the interdependent relationship of homeless people and their pets. They feed both!


One Soup Kitchen Is Opening Its Doors To Homeless Pets (Link)

In a city where 8.4 million call home, more than 52,000 people sleep in a homeless shelter and at least 3,200 additional people sleep on the streets of New York City. For many, the only emotional support, stability and unconditional love they receive comes from the loyal pets that stay close to them during their hardships. But this bond isn’t always easy. Fortunately there is help. ~ The Dodo

The Collide Ministry for Homeless People & Their Pets

The Collide ministry provides homeless people and their pets meals, as well as veterinary care that includes spaying and neutering services. Their mission statement:

At Collide, we recognize the critical role companion animals play in the overall well-being of their owners, as they offer emotional support, stability, and unconditional love. We believe all creatures are valuable, and for us, that means compassion extends from the end of the leash to the hand that holds it. ~ Collide