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Prepare for Local Impacts of Climate Change (Video)

While some continue to disavow climate change, the rest of the nation moves on. Alice Hill, Senior Director for Resilience Policy under President Obama, encourages Americans to plan and prepare for extreme weather events.

Prepare Your Family for the Local Impacts of Climate Change (Video)

Climate change is a global challenge, but its effects are felt locally. Alice Hill, Senior Director for Resilience Policy under President Obama, explains how you can prepare your family for the natural disasters that we’ll see as climate change continues to impact our communities and our nation. ~ The White House

Extreme Weather Results Caused by Climate Change:

  • Rising sea levels
  • Heavier downpours
  • Stronger storms
  • More heat waves
  • More flooding
  • Increasing wildfires
  • Intensifying droughts

Plan & Prep for Extreme Weather Events

Go to Ready.Gov to see how to create a plan and build a kit in preparation for extreme weather events in your own community. You’ll find information on everything from family communications, being tech ready, to caring for animals.


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  • Interesting development, JoAnn. While our government drags its feet on a swift transition to renewable energy, it now warns us to live with our extreme weather conditions and prepare for more and worse to come.

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