Now that Ed Schultz has left MSNBC, he’s free to go anywhere and say whatever he wants. On Thursday, Ed spoke to AFL-CIO members in Youngstown, OH. He talked frankly about labor unions, trade agreements, health care, and public schools.

Ed’s focus is always on the people who earn a living, and on the common good. His general philosophy can be summed up in the simple words he used in reference to universal health care. “We’re not the people that want to see our next door neighbor fall by the wayside.”

Heading soon to Washington D.C., Ed will explore setting up a SuperPAC that would be called “America for a Strong Middle Class.” In addition, he’ll be at the first Democratic Debate, in the “Spin Room” on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Ed Schultz gives the keynote address to AFL-CIO members in Youngstown, OH. Ed gives commentary on the importance of organized labor, Public Education, the upcoming election, Healthcare, and the issues Ohioans face. ~ Ed Schultz YouTube Channel

You may catch Ed’s daily radio talk on The Ed Schultz Show.

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