Another creative Progressive is crazy over Bernie Sanders. RealityInc shares the first of a YouTube video series entitled Bernie!

The video creator has mixed a montage of borrowed clips from classic TV sitcoms, under the umbrella of the ‘Laverne and Shirley’ theme song, while pushing forward the storyline of this guy who is running for President. Bernie Sanders, of course, is the star. The cast of supporting characters is delightful. You are going to laugh when you see who plays the Koch Brothers.

‘Bernie!’ Episode One

In this episode of Bernie!, Senator Bernie Sanders runs for President of the United States, based on a platform of economic and social equality, free education, universal healthcare, and racial justice. To learn more about him, visit:

Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders did not endorse this video or approve of it! But I did! #FeelTheBern

— RealityInc

Bernie Is Beloved

When you see this kind of talented effort poured out in support of Bernie Sanders, it’s clear evidence of Bernie’s inspirational effect on people. RealityInc’s video is funny, cute, and makes a point. But most impressively, it is filled with the vibe of creative energy and love.

Contrast this personal, homemade ‘Bernie!’ video with the professionally produced political TV ads of other candidates. It will explain why Bernie Sanders doesn’t need as much campaign money as the other candidates. It will explain why he doesn’t need mainstream coverage in order to rise in the polls. Bernie forges ahead without the usual political props, because Bernie is beloved.

It might have been in last years’s PBS The Roosevelts series, that showed how common it was for regular American folks to have FDR’s picture displayed in their homes. While the elites hated FDR, the multitudes of people loved him.

Bernie is like that. Bernie is beloved.

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