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PBS NewsHour Airs Propaganda for the Fossil Fuel Industry

Last week, on October 20th, PBS aired What the Return of High School Football Means to an Oil Boom Town. According to the transcript:

High school football is the center of life for many small towns in rural America. Due to the oil and gas boom in Western North Dakota, one town is celebrating the return of that tradition for the first time in over a quarter-century. Emily Guerin of Inside Energy, a public media reporting project, brings us the story from Alexander, North Dakota. ~ PBS NewsHour

Inside Energy is a “public media reporting project.” Inside Energy is “uniquely situated to lead important national energy conversations.” Inside Energy was funded by a “two-year, $1.4 million startup grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.” [Reference: follow the link.]

Not that I have anything against high school football, but I don’t see it as part of an “important national energy conversation.” What I do see is that Inside Energy serves as a propaganda machine for the fossil fuel industry.

Does anyone else feel disgusted and outraged that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting would both finance and broadcast such shill?


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