Flush the TPP is mobilizing informed citizens to inform the rest of the citizens about the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Dear Progressive Readers, you may join the action.

Here’s what Flush the TPP has planned:

“We, the Media Mobilizers for the TPP National Resistance, invite citizen, alternative, and traditional media persons to join us in the effort to stop the Transpacific Partnership and the Triple Treaty Threat (TPP, TTIP, TISA). We encourage you to get involved in one or more ways:

TPP Media Mobilizer: Join the TPP Media Mobilizers in any of the following capacities and receive email updates with links to circulate.

Social Media – Support the TPP National Resistance by raising awareness via social media. Here are a few platforms and specific ways to help:

Facebook: Like, Comment, Share from the Flush the TPP and other allied pages and groups:

Facebook Pages: FlushtheTPP; Expose the TPP; Global Trade Watch; March on the Media; Stop TTIP; Stop TPP, TTIP, TiSA.

Facebook groups: TradeJustice New York Metro; TPP, TTIP & Globalization Watch; Op Stop the TPP; TPPA  Action Group; Global TPP Team; Stop Fast Track for TPP; TPP Hates your Freedom.

Twitter: Tweet with us on #TPPTuesdays 6pm PT/9pm ET #TPP, #TTIP, #TiSA, #StopTPP, #StopTTIP, #StopTiSA, #TPPisTreason, #NoTPP

Instagram, Flickr: Are you on Instagram or Flickr? Share the memes and TPP info.

Alternative Platforms: Do you use an alternative social media platform? Spread the news of TPP resistance in your circles.

Email Lists – Add a TPP awareness/education or call-to-action note to your next email blast or newsletter.

Meme Team: Be a part of the meme team creating memes for the movement.

Op-eds – write and submit opinion pieces to Alternet, Truthout, Common Dreams, Op-ed News, Popular Resistance, Elephant Journal, etc. Got a connection? Connect us! Have an op-ed? Submit it! We can help place op-eds on the TPP.

Letters To Editors – Submit a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper or journal. This is a great way to reach people who don’t know anything about TPP.

Print Newspapers – Help the National Resistance and TPP Actions get print newspaper coverage. Write press releases or submit articles that cover TPP actions.

Print Magazines – Pitch a story to your favorite magazine or write an article for them.

Blogs – Write an article or op-ed for every blog you know! Use special interests to explain the impacts of TPP (Ex: How TPP will affect Moms and Kids for your neighbor’s motherhood blog.)

Online Journals – Cover the TPP or the TPP Resistance Movement for online journals. Need info? Learn more on our Tools for Education page!

Radio – Host the TPP National Resistance on your show!

Public Access Television – Go knock on the public broadcasting station’s door and ask when you can come on the air to talk about the TPP. Be nice, but persistent. If there is a local action planned near you, try to appear before and after the action.

Mainstream Television – Got connections? Hook us up! We have some of the best informed citizens working with us.”

— Flush the TPP

Sign up to join the TPP Media Mobilizers.


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