They are calling it Climate Welcome. Today through Sunday, climate-conscious Canadians are engaged in peaceful protest, and risking arrest, in order to plead for two things from their new Trudeau government:

  1. “Freeze the expansion of the Alberta tar sands.”
  2. “Un-thaw investment into Canadian renewable energy.”

Clayton Thomas Muller Talks About ‘Climate Welcome’

From Nov 5th – 8th, hundreds of people will risk arrest outside the Canadian Prime Minister’s residence. Here’s why Toronto-based lawyer, Dimitri Lascaris, is participating.


The oil must stay in the ground. Go Canadians!

Come on, Americans. We must also continue protesting the Alberta tar sands, even if it should disappoint our billionaire Koch Brothers (at not doubling their net-worth from their dirty tar sand investment in Alberta).

Foul Fossil Fuel Industrialists

The Koch Brothers serve as poster boys for all foul fossil fuel industrialists. They have all known that fossil fuels were becoming obsolete. They all had decades to develop a renewable energy system – perhaps people would be hailing some of them as heroes today – but none took that route.

Bad business decisions may cause a business to fail, even an entire industry. In a free enterprise, both success and failure are allowed. It’s like natural selection. Failures ensure that only the strong and useful survive.

I’m sure the Koch Brothers, for instance, will take their losses like grownups. They are actually big boys. We do not need to protect them. In fact…

Let the Genuine Cream Rise

We need to stop coddling all these wealthy corporate interests. If they’re so good, so meritorious, let them prove it: no more free tickets to exploit people and resources. If they have the ‘right stuff,’ they may enjoy a future.

No matter where we live in the world, we must insist that our politicians allow the genuine cream to rise to the top. Then we will achieve climate justice and a sustainable future.

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