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Bernie Sanders Wins Mock Presidential Election (Link)

To promote civic education, Western Illinois University (WIU) Professors Hardy and Hemingway simulate presidential primaries and elections with student voters – in advance of the real events. The Mock Presidential Election is part of their American Democracy Project, and they’ve been it for the last 35 years. So far, the simulated student voter elections have been 100% accurate!

According to this year’s Mock Presidential Election, Bernie Sanders wins both the Democratic Primary and the 2016 Presidential election. Surprised? Not me. Woo-hoo! Feel the Bern!

Bernie Sanders wins mock presidential election.

The Road to the White House starts at Western Illinois University (Link)

Dr. Rick Hardy and Dr. John Hemingway have been leading Mock Presidential Elections since 1975. During that time, students who have participated in these mock elections have chosen the winning party with 100% accuracy and have an astonishing record in selecting presidential winners.

— Western Illinois University Mock Presidential Election

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