Today, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is giving an explanatory speech about Democratic Socialism at 2:00pm EST at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Why? A real Washington outsider, a genuine non-establishment candidate, Bernie Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist.

For decades in the United States, the word ‘Socialism’ could not be breathed without visions of an oppressive, threatening USSR. Sanders understands that many Americans are still afraid of the term. Today he will explain what modern Socialism is, how it can work beautifully with democracy, and help restore balance between corporate and social goals.

Bernie Sanders to Invoke FDR in Speech Defining His Vision of Democratic Socialism (Link)

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will be channeling Franklin D. Roosevelt more than Eugene V. Debs on Thursday afternoon as he delivers the most important speech of his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination: an attempt to demystify Democratic Socialism, his long-held political philosophy, and tie it to his vision of America. […]

— Patrick Healy, The New York Times

Not only does Bernie Sanders display the courage of his convictions in openly confirming that he is a Democratic Socialist, he is purposefully leading a political revolution:

Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution (Link)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – just plain “Bernie” to his backers – is the unlikeliest of political sensations. The self-styled “democratic socialist” has packed arenas and meeting halls from Seattle to L.A. to Atlanta, drawing nearly 400,000 supporters to his rallies. Decrying a “rigged” economy and a political system corrupted by billionaires, Sanders has refused Super PAC politics, instead drawing on 750,000 grassroots donors. On the strength of $30-average checks, he has built a campaign war chest to rival the Hillary Clinton juggernaut.

Sanders has already altered the course of the 2016 campaign. His resonance with the Democratic Party’s activist base has forced Clinton to tack left, repeatedly. But don’t mistake this as Sanders’ endgame. “Bernie’s campaign is more than symbolic – it’s real, and it can succeed,” says senior adviser Tad Devine, a veteran of Al Gore’s 2000 bid. The Sanders machine is built to slingshot to an early lead, propelled by grassroots excitement in Iowa and New Hampshire, and then to fight, delegate by delegate, all the way to the convention. And recent polls counter the notion that Sanders is “unelectable.” An October NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey shows Sanders besting Donald Trump by nine points, Marco Rubio by five. […]

— Tom Dickinson, Rolling Stone