The Wilderness Society: 2015 Victories (Video & Link)

The Wilderness Society: 2015 Victories (Video & Link)

Encouragement: As we come to the close of 2015, lets review the environmental victories of American wilderness preservation.

Victories for Wildlands Conservation in 2015 (Link)

In 2015, anti-conservation members of Congress made significant and sustained efforts to undermine wildlands conservation. They did this through repeated attempts to roll back bedrock conservation laws and programs like the Antiquities Act and the Land and Water Conservation Fund, as well as through attempts to circumvent or ignore federal wildlands protections in order to give lands away to industry.

Not only did Wilderness Society members and supporters help us hold the line against the attacks of the day, they helped us go even further by putting lasting protections and policy reforms into place to preserve lands at risk. These new protections ensure our most sensitive wildlands across the nation are less vulnerable to the threats of climate change, unchecked development and reckless oil and gas drilling.

— The Wilderness Society

Conservation Victories

2015 American wilderness conservation victories include:

  • Six new national monuments
  • Shell abandons high-risk oil drilling in the Arctic
  • Protection of 67 million acres of western sage-grouse habitat
  • Idaho has a newly designated wilderness area
  • Long-contested oil lease cancelled in Montana’s Badger-Two Medicine
  • Obama Administration recommends deeper protections for the Arctic Refuge
  • Leasing reforms guide drilling away from sensitive wildlands
  • Major anti-conservation bills defeated
  • Judge rules to protect Alaska’s Izembek wilderness from road-building project
  • Steps forward for renewable energy on our public lands
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JoAnn Chateau
  • Read somewhere California is producing more power from solar than they have capacity to store. Solar and wind are now less expensive to produce than traditional energy. Instead of “plastics” like in “The Graduate” young people might want to seriously consider studying renewable energy… It’s arriving.

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