Tim Canova (D-FL) makes honorable “Truthdigger of the Week.” He is an anti-corruption warrior, and is running for the Senate. Be sure to read the interview at the end of the article. Canova is a wonderful Progressive.

Truthdigger of the Week: Progressive Congressional Candidate Tim Canova (Link)

Every week the Truthdig editorial staff selects a Truthdigger of the Week, a group or person worthy of recognition for speaking truth to power, breaking the story or blowing the whistle. It is not a lifetime achievement award. Rather, we’re looking for newsmakers whose actions in a given week are worth celebrating.

The urgent question in American politics is a simple one: Who, in contests for every available public office in the country, will stand with the American people against the indifferent power of special interests? […]

For the first time in her career…, [Debbie] Wasserman Schultz faces a Democratic challenger for her seat in Congress: Tim Canova, “a smart, articulate, sophisticated lawyer,” in [Glen] Greenwald’s words. A law professor seeking to help [Bernie] Sanders and other progressives resume the New Deal project of transforming the United States into a genuine social democracy, Canova supported Occupy Wall Street and opposed the Wall Street bailout and the Patriot Act, both of which Wasserman Schultz supported with votes. He served as an aide to the late Sen. Paul Tsongas, worked with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson against the drug war and for-profit prisons and advised Sen. Sanders on Federal Reserve policy on a committee that included economists Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Reich and James Galbraith. He vocally supported the effort led by then-Reps. Ron Paul and Alan Grayson to audit the Federal Reserve and has never wavered on his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an international trade treaty championed by President Obama that has long been negotiated by corporate lobbyists in secret. […]

— Alexander Reed Kelly, TruthDig

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