I almost ducked into a Wendy’s restaurant last week. They have pretty good chili. But I’m glad I decided to make a batch of homemade chili, instead. This week I learned the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) are boycotting Wendy’s.

I’m with them! How about you? Will you abstain from Wendy’s for as long as it takes to help that company get with the program? I.e., this program: Workers Matter!

Don’t miss the awesome video the Coalition has made about this boycott. You’ll see many strong, inspiring human rights activists. You’ll witness the Power of The People.

Boycott! CIW Launches National Boycott Against Wendy’s (Video)

The Wendy’s Boycott Begins: Video, Photo Report From Day One of the Workers’ Voice Tour! (Link)

Epic rally, street theater, march through Midtown Manhattan launch second boycott in 15-year history of Campaign for Fair Food!

The Campaign for Fair Food has known many an historic moment in its 15-year history — the launch of the seminal Taco Bell Boycott, the victory in that campaign four years later that established the Fair Food principles, the raucous celebration of the second Fair Food agreement with McDonald’s at Chicago’s House of Blues, the first-ever agreement with a Florida tomato grower in 2010 that led to the agreement with the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange one month later and the launch of the Fair Food Program, and the agreement with the world’s largest retailer, Walmart, in 2014, just to name a few.

But even against the background of that heady timeline of struggle and change marking the progress of the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food over the past decade and a half, yesterday’s launch of the Wendy’s Boycott stands out as a momentous day in the fight for Fair Food. […]

Check back soon as the  makes its way to its next big stop and action in Columbus, OH, Wendy’s corporate hometown!

— Coalition of Immokalee Workers Online

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