Just a Day In Democracy – 2016

Just a Day In Democracy – 2016


Recession, human rights violations and political corruption have people around the world striving to protect and preserve Democracy.

Just a Day In Democracy – 2016 was originally published on Aware & Fair

Recession, human rights violations and political corruption have people around the world striving to protect and preserve Democracy.

More Than a Million Brazilians Protest Against ‘Horror’ Government (Link)

More than a million Brazilians have joined anti-government rallies across the country, ramping up the pressure on embattled president Dilma Rousseff.

Already struggling with an impeachment challenge, the worst recession in a century and the biggest corruption scandal in Brazil’s history, the Workers party leader was given another reason to doubt she will complete her four-year term.

The demonstrations on Sunday – which reached all 26 states and the federal district – were expected to be bigger than similar rallies last year. The largest took place in São Paulo, where the polling company Datafolha estimated the crowd at 450,000, more than double the number it registered last year.

Organisers, police and local media calculated far greater numbers. According to police sources cited by Globo, 3.5 million people took part nationwide in 326 cites, including 100,000 in Brasilia and 70,000 in Curitiba. The exact figures are contested, but undeniably huge.

Jonathan Watts, The Guardian

A large painting of Bernie Sanders on side of building in London, UK: "We not me."

The good people in London wait upon the results of the U.S. Democratic Primary. Why do they care what happens over here? Because we are all in this together.

Peruvians March Against Fujimori After Rivals Barred From Elections (Link)

LIMA (Reuters) – Thousands of Peruvians marched in downtown Lima on Friday to demand the electoral board bar presidential frontrunner Keiko Fujimori from next month’s vote after it disqualified two of her rivals in an unprecedented move that has shaken the race.

Protesters said the center-right politician should be thrown from the race because pictures and video show her and a running mate handing out gifts and prizes at rallies in possible violation of a new law against vote-buying.

“People are rising up to say enough of these irregularities and the Fujimori ambition of returning to power,” said Jorge Rodriguez, an organizer of a group called Fujimori Never Again.

Reuters, News Daily


Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Explains How The 2016 Election WILL Be Stolen!

 Lee Camp talks to Greg Palast, New York Times bestselling author and investigative journalist, about how he knows the 2016 election will be stolen and by whom.

Redacted Tonight

Just a Day In Democracy – 2016 was originally published on Aware & Fair

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JoAnn Chateau
  • Bernie Sanders, yes. Gotta hope. Just think we have been so harmed over the decades that most have lost perspective. And the rate of the decline has been accelerating. The success of Trump and the dawning appreciation for Sanders, in different ways, are a result of growing awareness of societal breakdown that has not yet realized the cause or the way out. Hopefully we will figure things out in time. It will take more than voting to change things by then. Agree with Stuart that “democracy ” as government by the people.has not been happening for a long time.

  • Thanks for posting this wonderful interview, JoAnn. I like Pallast’s term, prompted by Camp, for what’s going on in 2016 – a democratic coronary – not sure that’s exactly what he called it but agree. You possibly will have to choose (for yourselves and for the world) between the incompetent, dangerous (“Putin is Hitler.”) policy of the neocon, Hillary, or the offensive, but freakily and randomly insightful nutcase, Donald. The traditional decency of our 20th Century citizenry is being eaten whole in the 21st.

    • After yesterday’s primaries, I am frightened you could be right about our political choices. But Bernie Sanders has assured his supporters that he will continue to the end. There is still hope. Peace.

  • To be honest, I don’t really think it’s a question of protecting and preserving democracy – I think it’s a matter of finally winning democracy for the first time. The US has always been an oligarchy masquerading as democracy. I think it’s high time Americans demand the real thing.

    • I see your point. Some people refer to the “Socialism experiment” in Russia or the “Democracy experiment” in America. Political/economic ideologies evolve when we learn from our mistakes. The American people are catching on, too. We’re at that point where a transition to the “real thing” will manifest – if we can stand together.

JoAnn Chateau

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