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President Obama Makes a Decent Nomination for Supreme Court Justice

President Obama announced his nomination today of Merrick Garland to fill the Supreme Court Justice vacancy. Garland is noted for his “meticulous legal reasoning” and decency. He is widely regarded as non-partisan and is respected by leaders on both sides of the political aisle.

A White House official says Garland has “more federal judicial experience than any other Supreme Court nominee in history.” As a Deputy Attorney General, he supervised the Timothy McVeigh prosecution in the Oklahoma City bombing case.

Should President Obama have taken the opportunity to appoint a more progressive nominee? No. Decent, skillful, and unbiased is what we need in a Supreme Court Justice. Obama’s nomination appears to abundantly fulfill these important criteria.

Let’s hope the Republicans accept Garland. If they do not, it reveals their preference to weight the Supreme Court with a conservative bias. But when it comes to the scales of justice, that’s an indecent maneuver for any political party to make.

Obama nominates Merrick Garland to Supreme Court (Video)

Merrick Garland Has A Reputation Of Collegiality, Record Of Republican Support (Link)

President Obama’s choice to serve as the newest Supreme Court justice is Merrick Garland, a moderate federal appeals court judge and former prosecutor with a reputation for collegiality and meticulous legal reasoning.

Garland, who has won past Republican support, has “more federal judicial experience than any other Supreme Court nominee in history,” a White House official said. “No one is better suited to immediately serve on the Supreme Court.” […]

Nina Totenberg and Carrie Johnson, NPR

Meet Merrick Garland (Video)

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  1. PW

    Any idea where he stands on abortion, criminal justice reform, the drug war, NSA/FBI vs. Apple?

    • JoAnn Chateau

      I do not know. Google gives me nothing. The NPR article notes: “Garland has a lengthy record on the D.C. circuit court, but that court deals mainly with regulatory issues and not hot-button social issues of the day, such as abortion and gay rights.”

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