The Prospect of a Pres. Hillary Is Just as Scary as a Pres. Trump

The Prospect of a Pres. Hillary Is Just as Scary as a Pres. Trump

Yesterday I became aware that the Democratic elites are heaping more pressure on Bernie Sanders to leave the 2016 Presidential Race. To me, the prospect of a President Hillary is now just as scary as a possible Trump Presidency.

Hillary recently crowed that Bernie should give up, presumably so she could focus her undivided efforts on defeating Donald Trump. The New York Times has revealed that last week President Obama instructed Democratic donors, behind closed doors, to put their support behind Hillary because Bernie’s campaign had come to an end. It’s called “Obama’s unofficial endorsement of Hillary Clinton.”

Yet, if Bernie Sanders were not a viable candidate, they wouldn’t be trying to intimidate him to leave the race.

With all the political advantages Hillary enjoyed from the start, she has struggled to stay ahead of Bernie. She ended up “owning” most of Bernie’s platform, and several of his catch phrases, in order to stay in the race. Why would Bernie Sanders drop out now?

It isn’t that the Democratic Party didn’t weight the scales against Bernie Sanders right from the beginning. Let’s just chalk that up to politics. But this is the singular machination that most graphically exposes the very big problem that Bernie Sanders is fighting: The corrupted American political system.

If Hillary Clinton can’t win the Democratic Nomination without closed-door meetings of wealthy Democrat donors, where the President of the United States must pull strings for her, what does that tell you?

If that isn’t bad enough, the Democrat Establishment is operating on a dangerous assumption. They assume that if Hillary wins the nomination, all the Sanders supporters will vote for her – in order to prevent the worse-case-scenario of Donald Trump winning the 2016 General Election. But that won’t happen. Many Sanders supporters would refuse to vote for a Hillary Clinton who is crammed down their throats.

Why? The majority of Sanders’ supporters had every intention to support Hillary if Bernie lost the nomination – in a fair contest. She was Plan B. However, many Sanders backers would not vote for a candidate selected solely by the elite. These Sanders backers, of all people, understand what the problem is and could not stomach another bought election.

We haven’t yet heard what Bernie thinks about this latest manipulation of democracy by the Democratic Party. Here’s my theory: Bernie is silent as he seriously considers running as an Independent. The veneer of integrity is completely shattered, the trust completely broken; in my view, Bernie Sanders is no longer obligated to commit his loyalty to the Democratic Party. In any case, he is not going to drop out of the race.

Here’s the irony: If Hillary Clinton were to gain the Democratic Nomination and then lose the General Election to Trump, which is more likely in the wake of Obama’s “unofficial” endorsement, it would be horrific poetic justice for the Democratic elites. No one is more elitist than Donald Trump!

The failure of democracy is very scary.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow interviewed Bernie Sanders on her show Thursday night. Bernie is completely unfazed by Obama’s “unofficial” Clinton endorsement. Feel the Bern!

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JoAnn Chateau
    • Exactly. Not everyone will feel obligated to vote for Hillary just because Trump represents a fearsome choice for President.

      Although it’s a depressing thought, I have wondered if the American people need a Trump President in order to wake up. I’m pretty sure they will continue to slumber if Hillary gains the White House.

      • For me, a lesser-of-two-evils vote is an acceptable choice. But in this case, Hillary’s essential corporatism rules that out. The corrupt establishment she represents is fundamentally antithetical to my sense of progressivism. Voting for her would compromise my ethics, and I simply cannot do that regardless of the cost. It’s a terrible dilemma.

  • What a ridiculous little article. Bernie is great, but Hillary is not being crammed down our throats. Millions of us Dems have voted for her OVER Bernie. Closed door decisions? Get real. Who is writing this stuff anyway?

  • It is unfortunate that a powerful section of democrats are manipulating to ease Bernie out of the race to facilitate Hillary’s nomination. The emerging situation in the upcoming presidential elections is far from ideal. But that is how politics plays out in most of the countries and US is no exception. As the outside world sees it, Bernie and Trump represent the socialist left and capitalist right ends of the scale. Such right and left ideologies are fast losing its relevance in a global scenario seeking to encourage investments and free flowing competition that will advance excellence in all
    endeavors. The right perspective would indicate that left and right of centre ideologies lend themselves as expedient positions for politicians to divide people and create support bases that will propel them to power. But once in power, the realization dawns that the most beneficial governance always happens from the middle, from centrist position balancing the concerns of every sections of society. Real progress of countries are seen when governments administrate from centrist positions. All the best to Uncle Sam.

    • That is interesting Raj. I also believe that thoughtful conservatives and progressives can hammer out sensible compromise when they at least have some common ground; as you say, closer to the center.

      I must confess. I am more upset by the elite power moves than Bernie Sanders appears to be. Like you, he understands politics.

      Many people don’t appreciate the service Bernie renders by running for President and building a progressive movement. To my eyes, he isn’t at all motivated by ambition. Rather, he’s in the fray because it’s the right thing to do, and because he is able to do it.

      Thanks for your comment and well-wishes!

  • Seriously? You think Hillary would be as bad as Trump? So you still think that Bush and Gore were the same? Obviously none of your friends’ children ended up in Iraq…

    • Sorry, Memadtwo. War is awful. Hillary may be hawkish, but I would rather have her than Trump, any day. My point is that, again, the powerful decide who is nominated, while we are many and the elite are few.

      If Hillary is nominated, my guess is that some number of Sanders supporters would vote for Jill Stein, especially young voters. Most will follow Bernie’s example, hopefully, which is to support the Democratic Party. The media may lump Trump and Sanders together because both are considered outsiders. But they are worlds apart.

      In addition, most polls indicate that Sanders would be stronger than Clinton against Trump.

      It is a crazy, upside-down world. Our voices go unheard in our democracy. That’s what I think is scary.

      • Democracies are messy…and we all have to compromise to make them work. Do I like Hillary? no. But I can’t get excited about Bernie either. Actually, I can’t think of any politician that would excite me at this point, sorry to say.
        Money talks, no doubt about it. The way to really begin to effect change is locally. No one votes in local primary elections, and that’s the place to start. That’s what the Tea Party did. Progressives need to adopt the same tactics because until Congress changes, nothing will move forward.
        But anyone who thinks that Republicans and Democrats are the same hasn’t been paying attention (do we really want another Scalia?…) Democrats are at least pointing in the right direction. The Republicans have lost the map. So if another third party candidate results in the election of Trump or Cruz, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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