Yesterday I became aware that the Democratic elites are heaping more pressure on Bernie Sanders to leave the 2016 Presidential Race. To me, the prospect of a President Hillary is now just as scary as a possible Trump Presidency.

Hillary recently crowed that Bernie should give up, presumably so she could focus her undivided efforts on defeating Donald Trump. The New York Times has revealed that last week President Obama instructed Democratic donors, behind closed doors, to put their support behind Hillary because Bernie’s campaign had come to an end. It’s called “Obama’s unofficial endorsement of Hillary Clinton.”

Yet, if Bernie Sanders were not a viable candidate, they wouldn’t be trying to intimidate him to leave the race.

With all the political advantages Hillary enjoyed from the start, she has struggled to stay ahead of Bernie. She ended up “owning” most of Bernie’s platform, and several of his catch phrases, in order to stay in the race. Why would Bernie Sanders drop out now?

It isn’t that the Democratic Party didn’t weight the scales against Bernie Sanders right from the beginning. Let’s just chalk that up to politics. But this is the singular machination that most graphically exposes the very big problem that Bernie Sanders is fighting: The corrupted American political system.

If Hillary Clinton can’t win the Democratic Nomination without closed-door meetings of wealthy Democrat donors, where the President of the United States must pull strings for her, what does that tell you?

If that isn’t bad enough, the Democrat Establishment is operating on a dangerous assumption. They assume that if Hillary wins the nomination, all the Sanders supporters will vote for her – in order to prevent the worse-case-scenario of Donald Trump winning the 2016 General Election. But that won’t happen. Many Sanders supporters would refuse to vote for a Hillary Clinton who is crammed down their throats.

Why? The majority of Sanders’ supporters had every intention to support Hillary if Bernie lost the nomination – in a fair contest. She was Plan B. However, many Sanders backers would not vote for a candidate selected solely by the elite. These Sanders backers, of all people, understand what the problem is and could not stomach another bought election.

We haven’t yet heard what Bernie thinks about this latest manipulation of democracy by the Democratic Party. Here’s my theory: Bernie is silent as he seriously considers running as an Independent. The veneer of integrity is completely shattered, the trust completely broken; in my view, Bernie Sanders is no longer obligated to commit his loyalty to the Democratic Party. In any case, he is not going to drop out of the race.

Here’s the irony: If Hillary Clinton were to gain the Democratic Nomination and then lose the General Election to Trump, which is more likely in the wake of Obama’s “unofficial” endorsement, it would be horrific poetic justice for the Democratic elites. No one is more elitist than Donald Trump!

The failure of democracy is very scary.

UPDATE: Rachel Maddow interviewed Bernie Sanders on her show Thursday night. Bernie is completely unfazed by Obama’s “unofficial” Clinton endorsement. Feel the Bern!

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