March 22 is World Water Day. The 2016 theme is “Better water, better jobs.”

The power of water and jobs – transforming people’s lives. Half of all workers on Earth are employed in water-related sectors. Millions of them are unrecognized and unprotected. — UN-Water

Yea! Everyone is for better jobs. So, here’s a gentle United Nations (UN) video-reminder to multinational corporations that they should not abuse the human rights of their workers. Allow me to say it more plainly: Exploiting people and/or the environment for profit is shameful; it’s stealing.

Exploitation is a shameful practice when it occurs in small, poor nations halfway around the world. It is no more shameful when it occurs in Kentucky coalfields, on Native American reservations, or in Flint, Michigan – it’s only closer to home.

But let’s not get all weepy.

World Water Day is intended to heighten awareness of ordinary people throughout the world on the importance of environmental justice. Like a prominent 2016 presidential candidate says, “Together, we can do anything!” The UN knows that. Instead of large corporations, you are their target market.

Be aware. Be fair. Share this post to show you care.


“Fighting for the rights of others is exactly how you preserve your own.”

— àlaJoAnn

Happy World Water Day! was originally published on Aware & Fair

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