We asked billionaire Nick Hanauer about being rich. But he’d rather talk about increasing the minimum wage.


Have you wondered what it would be like to be incredibly wealthy, and how you would handle it? Nick Hanauer often speaks publicly about the ills of inequality. I’m not sure why he does it, but that’s his “rich” thing. Maybe he is afraid the masses will revolt and take his wealth from him by force. Maybe he has an altruistic side.

What Would YOU Do With Incredible Wealth?

With a modicum of ethical standards and imagination, any of us could easily serve the common good, if we were wealthy billionaires. I used to think I would get my doctoral degree in Psychology. Ha, ha, ha – today, I clearly see that was my Puritan work ethic dreaming. (I have evolved.)

Two of my current fantasy “rich” things are to…

  • Build a resort-like artist colony where creatives could live and work freely, without worrying about money.
  • Finance the campaigns of Progressive politicians.

Want to play the game? What worthwhile thing would YOU do if you became incredibly wealthy? Please share in the comments… for fun!

How May Wealth Serve the Common Good? was originally published on Aware & Fair