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Allied Progress Fights Preditory Pay Day Lenders

AlliedProgress.org is a website Progressives may want to know about. Allied Progress is a “nationwide nonprofit grassroots organization… uses hard-hitting research and creative campaigns to hold powerful special interests accountable and empower hardworking Americans.”

In the following video, Allied Progress executive director Karl Frisch talks about one of the anti-corruption campaigns they are currently working on: Pay Day Lending.

Congressional ‘Payday Pals’ Exposed

“The rates are probably worse with Pay Day lenders than they were with the ‘Mob.’ It’s these Florida members who have been taking tens of thousands of dollars from Pay Day lenders to push the so-called ‘Florida Model.’ It is not a model anybody should be emulating.”

Karl Frisch, Executive Director of Allied Progress

Go to Allied Progress to review the current campaigns that oppose powerful interest groups, take action by adding your voice, and get the latest Allied Progress news and research.

Allied Progress Fights Preditory Pay Day Lenders was originally shared on Aware & Fair

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