Like they say, all is fair in politics… even commandeering your opponent’s platform.

From the exclusive Jane Sanders interview conducted by Ed Schultz…

Ed Schultz: “Is this the same Hillary Clinton of six months ago, or maybe a year ago?”

Jane Sanders: “No. No, actually the expanding of Social Security is brand new… The talking points are exactly Bernie’s talking points.” […]

Ed Schultz: “Could you make the case that Bernie Sanders has not only turned Hillary Clinton on some issues but has made Donald Trump wake up a little bit on some trade issues?”

Jane Sanders: “I think if you listen to every one of the people running and listen to what they said a year ago, before Bernie announced, it wasn’t anything like what they’re talking about now. So, you could say he’s won already, in terms of shifting the framework of the debate.” […]

Ed Schultz: “Do you think Hillary Clinton can win the general election without your husband’s help?”

Jane Sanders:If she is the nominee, … [and] if she listens [to Bernie’s platform], maybe she will have a chance. My concern is that Democrats have always gone to the left during the Primary, and then to the center during the General. Same as the Republicans… That’s why nothing ever happens. We’re committed to not let that happen this time.”

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