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What it’s Like to Own Guns in a Country with Strict Gun Control | Time

In 1996 there was a mass killing in Australia. 35 people were shot dead. They still call it “The Massacre.” The nation’s response was to enforce strict gun control laws. 20 years later, Australia has not had another mass killing. In addition, murders and suicides have been drastically reduced.

Were the strict gun control laws unbearable for gun enthusiasts? (Pun not intended.) At first they didn’t like it. But now, they think it’s great system. Read on…


What it’s Like to Own Guns in a Country with Strict Gun Control

[…] It’s actually not that hard to own a gun. But you do have to have a genuine reason. You have to be a member of a target shooting club or a hunter and you have to prove it. For hunting, you can get written permission from a landowner who says you are hunting on his land. Or you can join a hunting club. Pistols [handguns], on the other hand, are heavily restricted. All applicants undergo a background check by the police and there is a mandatory 30 day cooling off period for all license applications, both long arms and pistols. Firearms safety training courses are mandatory as well. […]

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