If it's going to be a #FloorFight in Philadelphia, Bernie Sanders will win if: 1) He is polling over 50% nationally. 2) He still rus better against Donald Trump than does HRC. Berners, get engaged, get loud, and get active!

In this well-thought-out and lucidly-written piece, Calvin Wolf explains why “the time is ripe for a Bernie Sanders surge.” This is a must-read for all Bernie Sanders supporters. Here are a few snippets…

SOURCE: The News Hub

[…] Despite having every possible advantage, Clinton can’t close. She will not be able to win enough pledged delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination outright, forcing unpledged superdelegates to decide the issue. If these superdelegates can be persuaded to shift allegiances en masse, then Bernie Sanders will become the party nominee. He will go on to decimate Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election. […]

Now that we know the GOP will be running Donald Trump in the fall, we can immediately begin focusing on the fact that Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton, does better against the bombastic billionaire buffoon. This is no longer a fact that can be disregarded as minor: It is now a central campaign issue for Democrats. Why on earth would you run a nominee choice who does less well against your opponent? It makes no sense, and superdelegates need to be constantly reminded of this. […]

Bernie Sanders has almost achieved parity with Hillary Clinton while playing on a tremendously un-level field…imagine how easily he would dominate if he were no longer being fought against by the mainstream media and Democratic Party establishment! By contrast, Hillary Clinton has struggled mightily despite being handed every advantage in the world. There is literally nothing more that can be done to help her than has already been done. […]

Do superdelegates really want to pick a nominee who will be beaten like a pinata by the GOP? […]


Berners: We need all hands on deck to prepare for an epic floor fight in Philly | Calvin Wolf