Until this election cycle, I think Americans did not comprehend how corrupt our political system really is. We knew there was the corrupting influence of money, of course. But to see a major political party, the DNC, blatantly bend and change their own rules to give obvious advantage to Hillary Clinton… is shocking.

The linked article below about the Nevada Democratic Convention chaos is a “must-read.” It is not over-the-top, and it contains videos for your own ears and eyes.

I predict serious repercussions and reform. However, not in time to allow Bernie Sanders to fairly win the Democratic nomination. If Bernie does win, it will be due to establishment tricks backfiring on Hillary and the DNC. That’s a genuine possibility.

SOURCE: Inquisitr

‘Bernie Or Bust’: Bernie Sanders Supporters More Determined Than Ever After Chaos at the Nevada Democratic Convention | Shaunee Flowers

The “Bernie or Bust” movement has grown now that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are outraged over the chaos at the Nevada Democratic Convention on Saturday. Despite having less support during the convention, Hillary Clinton was awarded more delegates. The decision caused Bernie supporters to become outraged as they believe the Nevada voters are victims of election suppression… Bernie Sanders actually had more support at the convention than Hillary Clinton. However, the convention did not count 58 delegates for Sanders because they said they did not switch their party affiliation to Democrat in time for the convention. The delegates had until May 1 to become Democrats, but at the Nevada Democratic Convention, 58 out of the 64 contested delegates for Sanders could not be found as registered and were stricken from the count. Due to that issue, Hillary Clinton was able to take Nevada by 33 votes. […]

Isn’t it unlikely that 58 individuals who are interested enough in the political system and passionate enough about their candidate to volunteer their time and energy to be a convention delegate would forget to register as a Democrat in time to be eligible for that duty?

In all honesty, I don’t see Bernie Sanders complaining about the Nevada Democratic Convention. But then, his immediate focus is on the Kentucky and Oregon primaries tomorrow. Feel the Bern!

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