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Noam Chomsky: Climate Change & Nuclear Proliferation Pose the Worst Threat Ever Faced by Humans | Democracy Now!

President Obama has just passed a little-noticed milestone, according to The New York Times: Obama has now been at war longer than any president in U.S. history—longer than George W. Bush, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Obama has taken military action in at least seven countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Just last month, President Obama announced the deployment of 250 more Special Operations troops to Syria in a move that nearly doubles the official U.S. presence in the country. As war spreads across the globe, a record 60 million people were driven from their homes last year. Experts warn the refugee crisis may also worsen due to the impacts of global warming. Over the weekend, NASA released data showing 2016 is on pace to be by far the hottest year ever, breaking the 2015 record. Meanwhile, many fear a new nuclear arms race has quietly begun, as the United States, Russia and China race to build arsenals of smaller nuclear weapons. These multiple crises come as voters in the United States prepare to elect a new president. We speak with one of the world’s preeminent intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, institute professor emeritus at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught for more than 50 years. His latest book is titled “Who Rules the World?” ~ Democracy Now!

And more. Amy Goodman asks Noam Chomsky who he supports in the 2016 presidential election…

Chomsky on Supporting Sanders & Why He Would Vote for Clinton Against Trump in a Swing State

“It matters who sits in the White House… It matters, but it’s not the main issue.” ~ Noam Chomsky

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  • I’m presently reading “Who Rules the World?” and, after reading just five chapters, I’ve come to the conclusion that our future is bleak no matter who we vote for.

    • I got the same gist from one of Wolff’s lectures. That’s when I started writing The Chester Chronicles (fiction filled with goodness, humor, and a dog.) We need some respite… because we gotta keep going, keep on fighting the good fight.

    • One thing about Mr. Chomsky that’s somewhat disappointing is the thinness of solutions in his talks. Not having read a book by him in years, probably the last being “Manufacturing Consent”, perhaps his age has something to do with it, but seeing you’ve concluded after going into his latest the future is bleak makes one wonder given his intellectual stature the extent to which the man’s spiritual resources have been mined. Everyone has their own journey to travel, including Chomsky, but was wondering what he wrote that resulted in your bleak assessment.

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