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Democrats Choice | Inequality Media

Short and sweet. Robert Reich on the Democrats’ choice between Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

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JoAnn Chateau
    • I saw the beginning of that conversation yesterday. It really turned into a debate! The commenter accused you of “doomism,” but he is the one who has swallowed the “fear factor.”

      My take: There is no reason for Sanders supporters to prop Clinton up before, and if, she wins the nomination. For now, let the DNC and their carefully selected cache of corporate super delegates grapple with the fact that Bernie Sanders beats Trump by a healthy margin (always better than Clinton) in every such poll for approx. the last 6 months. Let them grapple with the fact that every Independent in the country will be able to vote in the General Election.

      While there is even a slim chance of nominating a superior Democrat candidate, we Progressives are ethically bound to keep fighting the good fight – just as Bernie continues to do.

      Clinton needs to get the nomination before she can run in the election. This exaggerated Trump-Will-Win-If-Bernie-Doesn’t-Drop-Out fear mongering is Hillary’s BS campaign strategy to win the nomination. It may backfire. However, if Clinton is nominated, and if Trump then gains the White House – the responsibility would lie squarely with the DNC.

      The Trump/Clinton dilemma is much like the Wall Street Bailout. While the American people weren’t able to vote on that “brilliant” financial solution, they will be voting in the 2016 Election. They are tired of being manipulated. They are tired of rescuing Affluenza-diseased wealthy elites from the natural consequences of their stubborn, self-centered, dangerous behaviors.

      Should Trump become President, it would be a much needed “tough love” lesson to the Rep and Dem parties: Either they shape up, or they ship out.

      • Indeed. The responsibility will fall squarely on the DNC. When I raised that point with Rob, he rejected it straight away with an aura of self-delusional condescension that was quite astonishing. If he is representative of Team Hillary, the November electorate might be beyond their ability to objectively assess and to ultimately win over.

      • I fear that may be so. On the plus side, energy is pouring into the Political Revolution from several directions. Ralph Nader has a huge 4-day Civic Mobilization conference in D.C. next week. is quickly organizing. #Movement4Bernie is urging Sanders to run independent in order to build a new party for the 99%. If a non-progressive makes it to the White House, they will be tearing their hair out. :-)

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