I was on the phone this weekend. As it turns out, all my older siblings (I’m the baby) are planning to vote for Donald Trump.

When my eldest big brother found out the other two were Trump supporters, he specifically called me so I could join the family solidarity. (Very sweet; not wanting me left out.) He did add, he might have otherwise voted for Bernie Sanders, who he believes is now out of the race.

Did I try to argue with him? No, he’s 75 and was in a hospital bed when he made the call. (Just a bad scare. He’s going to be OK.)

Besides, when I started talking, and nearly made it to the point I wanted to make, he interrupted me. A visitor. The exact same thing happened when I talked to my sister. They’re social butterflies!

Did I tear my hair out? No, I chuckled about it afterward for hours. (If only they read my blog!)

Still, my eldest big brother is the smartest one in the family… Maybe I’ll send him some literature on Jill Stein.


We all used to play with the View-Master.
Maybe siblings will yet “get the picture.”


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