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Overnight Peace Vigil at NRA | CODEPINK

Peace activist group Codepink have planned an overnight peace vigil outside the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA on Monday night to demonstrate for a ban on assault weapons…

“This Monday, June 20, CODEPINK and a diverse coalition are organizing an overnight peace vigil in front of the NRA to honor the 49 people killed and 53 injured in the tragic mass shooting this past weekend in Orlando and call for a ban on assault weapons… We will be joined by representatives of Muslim groups, LGBTQ groups, anti-gun violence organizations, mothers who have lost children to gun violence, peace groups, and individuals who have been directly affected by the epidemic of gun violence in this country.” […] ~ CodePink

SOURCE: Overnight Peace Vigil at NRA | CODEPINK

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  • I am sure the gathering will be huge, I from England will be with you in spirit. We must remember religions don’t kill people… Evil men and women do. My support for all the bereaved families and friends is strong. May we find a way to move forward in peace.

    • Thank you for your full-hearted kindness and support, Ellen. I agree with you about religions. Outbreaks of violence against innocent people, like Orlando, are caused by something else.

  • I’ve lived through the Sixties and Seventies peace demonstrations… and I feel like I’m watching an old movie. We were so hyped up, and so sure we could never lose. I guess it’s your turn to start again and try again… and perhaps within a more global community linked by the Internet, a shaky economy, climate change (anthropocentric or natural) and the imminent threat of a global war erupting from so much tension and factionalism, growing desperation of entrenched elites and unemployment to give it impetus, maybe you will see real and lasting results. But regardless, be prepared for some serious backlash and possible persecution if your movements begin to seem threatening to the status quo. Look what is happening to the Al Jazeera people in Egypt. “Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves” would be a great slogan to have going into this battle. Don’t take anything for granted, and grow eyes in the back of your head. Never underestimate your enemy. This struggle for global peace can not be won by force, nor with numbers. You need to come up with something your enemy would never think possible; something it can’t ever hope to defeat; something it can’t even address. Who knows, perhaps you are our Phoenix rising from our ashes.

    • That’s excellent advice for young people, and older folks like you and me must support them and believe in them. There is too much at stake. What with weakened democracy and ultra-powerful multinational corporations, when you put climate crisis in the mix – like Naomi Klein’s title says, it changes everything – to a previously unknown level of urgency. I love that Bernie Sanders, who is neither naive nor untested, sees no other option but to fight the good fight, and that so many young people connect with him. I can’t imagine what that unique “something” for global peace might be… but I know it will have something to do with curtailing the power of wealthy special interests. Peace!

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