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Fire a Shot across the Bow of the USS Superdelegate for Bernie | Revolt Against Plutocracy

Revolt Against Plutocracy and Black Men for Bernie have launched a strategy, Go Green 619, to give the Democratic National Convention a clear message: Nominate Bernie Sanders for President, or else lose constituents…

SOURCE: Fire a Shot Across the Bow of the USS Superdelegate for Bernie | Revolt Against Plutocracy


Revolt Against Plutocracy launched an innovative and now popular campaign movement a year ago; and starting today, Juneteenth, working in collaboration with Black Men for Bernie, we launch Go Green 619. Whether you are Bernie or Bust or not, you can participate in this urgent and necessary tactic to de-register from the Democratic Party specifically to send a message to the Democratic Party establishment: either nominate Senator Sanders at the Convention, or else we’re not remaining in the Party.” ~ Revolt Against Plutocracy

If you changed your voter registration to “Democrat” in order to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary, now may be the perfect time to change it again. Why not join the Green Party? It stands for peace, ecology, social justice, and grassroots democracy.

HOWEVER: Hold off if you still need to be a registered Democrat to vote in an upcoming State Primary. For example, Tim Canova runs against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida’s State Primary on August 30, 2016. Click this link to find: State Primary Dates.


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