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“Elegy for the Arctic” | Ludovico Einaudi

Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi composed “Elegy for the Arctic” for the Greenpeace “Voices of the Arctic” project. He then performed his piece on location at Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway. The music and visuals are most somberly sublime…

Watch Pianist Ludovico Einaudi’s Haunting Performance as He Floats by a Crumbling Glacier | The Huffington Post

“Being here has been a great experience. I could see the purity and fragility of this area with my own eyes and interpret a song I wrote to be played upon the best stage in the world,” Einaudi said in a news release from Greenpeace. “It is important that we understand the importance of the Arctic, stop the process of destruction and protect it.” […]


“The timing of Einaudi’s performance is not by chance,” Greenpeace wrote in a blog post. “This week, delegates at the OSPAR Commission meeting in Tenerife, Spain, have an opportunity to take an important step in protecting the Arctic. The proposal before them would safeguard 10% of the Arctic ocean, an area roughly the size of the UK.”


Greenpeace has set up a website,, dedicated to the issue.


~ Ed Mazza



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  1. swo8

    How on earth does he keep his hands warm out there?

    • JoAnn Chateau

      I wondered that, too!

      • swo8

        He was right out there on some sort of barge.

  2. smilecalm

    song 🙂

  3. Rosaliene Bacchus

    Powerful conjunction of man and Nature!




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