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Bernie In the Media – The Political Revolution Moves Forward!

Bernie Sanders is pushing the political revolution forward! In the last two days, he made appearances on two popular TV shows, and gave an important New York City town hall speech to approximately 1,250 supporters in Manhattan. Find all the videos below…

Bernie Sanders Is Not Dropping Out Tonight | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Sanders Describes the Scene on House Floor during Sit-In | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

There’s much more to the June 24th Moring Joe interview than the title below indicates. Bernie is fantastic! He clarifies what “party disunity” really is…

Bernie Sanders: I Will Vote for Hillary Clinton in November | Morning Joe

Be aware. Be fair.

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    • That statement has upset a lot of Sanders supporters. Still, I cannot see it as “betrayal” because Sanders clearly stated from the very beginning of his campaign that he would support whomever became the Democrat nominee (if it wasn’t himself). It was exactly what I expected him to say.

      Meanwhile, everything Sanders is doing supports the foundation for a progressive Dem Party, or a progressive 3rd party, or to take the nomination (i.e., should Clinton be indicted), and continues to promote political revolution. No matter what the outcome, there is a progressive win. In my book, that’s brilliant.

      Even with all the support and energy millions of people have given to Sanders’ campaign, HE is the one doing the heavy-lifting.


  • He’s doing what he has to do as a Democratic candidate. While some of his supporters will follow his example and vote for Clinton, not all will. Given Clinton’s record, I cannot and will not support her.

    • Totally agree with you, Rosaliene. Sanders is putting Sanders first, and if he can’t have the choice cut, taking the hindmost. Typical politician, nothing more.

  • Key to Sanders’ mindset: “I will vote for Hillary Clinton.” That says it all. That isn’t revolution, that’s desperately clinging to the old values at any cost and any compromise. If I were an American (perish the thought) and a Sanders supporter, he would have lost my support and my vote at that point – not that I wouldn’t have been able to see long ago that it was always Bernie and the Old Guard first. Wars must go on and any serious challenge to political and financial corruption soft-pedalled, used to garner votes, then quietly forgotten in Middle Eastern and Eastern Europe wars…

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