Helen Keller (1880-1968)

Helen Keller (Photo: Bettie Salt)

Today, June 27, is Helen Keller Day. Born in 1880, Keller became both deaf and blind before age two. She was much admired for overcoming her disabilities and for advocating the rights of disabled people. Her other political activities, however, were unwelcome by many! Professor of Politics Peter Drier writes about Helen Keller’s life as a radical socialist activist…

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

“Keller was a lifelong radical who embraced socialism, pacifism, and feminism. She participated in the great movements for social justice of her time. She was the founder of what today is called the disability rights movement. In her investigations into the causes of blindness, she discovered that poor people were more likely than the rich to be blind, and soon connected the mistreatment of the blind to the oppression of workers, women, and other groups. Like all radicals — in her own day and today — Keller believed in justice, not just charity.” ~ Peter Dreier

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