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We’re Not as Selfish as Economists Think We Are. Here’s the Proof. | Evonomics

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SOURCE: Evonomics

“A study by the Common Cause Foundation, due to be published next month, reveals two transformative findings. The first is that a large majority of the 1,000 people they surveyed – 74% – identifies more strongly with unselfish values than with selfish values. This means that they are more interested in helpfulness, honesty, forgiveness and justice than in money, fame, status and power. The second is that a similar majority – 78% – believes others to be more selfish than they really are. In other words, we have made a terrible mistake about other people’s minds.” ~ George Monbiot


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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She writes fiction about an alpha Bichon named Chester, and his friends–with a dash of humor and a dab of poli-sci. JoAnn worked professionally in the Psychology and Information Science fields. Retired now, she enjoys the creative life.


  1. Sha'Tara

    Everything about “studies” depends on where, how, when and among what group the “study” was done. Even in a “fair” cross-section of population, 1000 people is a very tiny and totally unreliable number to arrive at any real conclusion affecting the entire species’ number – too many margins for gross error in such small percentages of the whole. 1000 individuals out of 7.2 billion individuals and I’m supposed to accept that as a reliable statistics? Meaningless.

  2. Robert A. Vella

    I’d like to see further study on how the non-greedy majority participate in society compared with the greedy minority.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      That would be interesting. What areas of participation would you investigate?

      • Robert A. Vella

        As many as possible, but I’d focus on institutional participation in business, politics, and religion. I’d expect those would naturally entice the more greedy personality types.

  3. swo8

    Good does out weigh the bad.

      • swo8

        There are still a lot of good people out there.

  4. Rosaliene Bacchus

    Hope lives. Now, we’ve got to stop that selfish minority from strangling our democratic government.

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