Dem Platform Acknowledges: #ExxonKnew

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

No carbon tax or fracking ban in the Democratic platform, but important acknowledgement that Oil companies knew decades ago that climate change was a serious issue, and yet still funded climate science denial groups who have fouled and distorted the needed public debate on the issue.

Decent synopsis above, including Dr. Michael Mann’s testimony to the Platform Committee.

Btw, I’m an independent, folks, if the GOP does something constructive on, well, anything,…I’ll report here.

Quick Dark Snow update. I’ve made contact a group of researchers who are heading up to the ice sheet edge today, and invited me along. Will most likely be camping on the ice tonight, back tomorrow.

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  1. Why does none of this surprise me anymore.. So much coruption throughout every where we look.

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    1. Yes. Corruption is endemic. The powerful have too much power, and power absolutely corrupts.

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      1. Yes this is why we are seeing exposure now like never before, Change is going to happen swiftly once the momentum begins xxx ❤

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      2. The question is when will that momentum begin.

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      3. I feel it already has! 🙂 When you are in the change we you do not see it.. Like when did the Bronze age collapsed into the Early Iron Age?.. those who were in it saw only their old ways giving way to the new!
        Only now we are seeing it picking up speed as more and more truths are exposed..


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