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Audio 7/1/16 Loretta Lynch Re FBI Recommendations Re Hillary Clinton Emails

Loretta Lynch on FBI recommendations: “I will be accepting their recommendations… The final determination will be in the report they provide.”

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  • Gee, I wonder what she discussed with Hillary’s husband in that “chance” meeting the other day? And, her subsequent recusal on the email case surely was just coincidence with the public becoming aware of that meeting, wasn’t it?

    Also, I’m quite sure that President Obama, nor his administration officials, would stoop so low as to influence the FBI’s recommendations on the case, would he? After all, such an act of transgression might be seen as political favoritism considering that the Clinton-dominated DNC platform committee recently obeyed his order and rejected any opposition to his very unpopular TPP trade deal. Naw, he would never do such an unethical thing, would he?

    • You have a very valid perspective, Robert. Here’s how I see it: Bill Clinton’s misstep afforded Loretta Lynch the opportunity to effectively free herself from Democratic Establishment influence. Bill’s maneuver backfired!

      In addition, Lynch did not recuse herself. This, I am thinking, is good. Because a replacement might not have committed to accept the FBI recommendation. Now, we at least know the FBI recommendation will stand.

      Whatever unethical machinations are underfoot to protect the Clintons (like you, I am sure they are many), these recent events do not help them. Again, Bill made a boo-boo. Even the media (!) is on it, in a nonpartisan manner. Everyone is outraged… and watching.

      Let’s hope these events help the FBI do its job without interference.

      • That report from Mark Halperin quoting a “senior Justice Department official” came out this morning, and it sure sounds like political spin after the mess they had stepped into. Here’s some of what Halperin said on Morning Joe:

        “This is a senior Justice Department official who is playing down that this is anything new,” Halperin told show hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. “Says this was the attorney general’s intention all along to let the career people decide.

        “Quote, ‘She is not recusing herself. She is not stepping aside and does not expect that the attorney general today will say it was a mistake to meet with Bill Clinton for 20 or 30 minutes privately.'”

        Whatever. The DOJ is doing the Macarena dance, the poop is piling up high, and the stench is covering the Clintons and Attorney General Lynch.

        Will the FBI do their job diligently without interference and without bias? You’ll forgive me for being skeptical.

      • Forgiven. But even if the FBI doesn’t recommend indictment or doesn’t do so before the Democratic National Convention, these unfolding events do not exactly help Clinton’s candidacy.

        Which takes me to Bernie Sanders, who is still in the race. Yes, he’s striving to make the Democratic Party more progressive. He is also tactically, logistically and psychologically prepared to take the nomination. The last time I saw him in an interview (Chris Hayes) I was struck by how cool, calm, collected and in control Bernie is. He is holding the cards.

        I’ll bet you a crisp, new $1 dollar bill, stamped with “Keep Money Out of Politics,” that Bernie Sanders is our next President. :-)

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