It’s the Fourth of July weekend. There’s yet little insightful commentary on Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview. How frustrating! Who isn’t utterly intrigued by recent events surrounding the Clinton email investigation?

The Timing

So far, a huge segment of Establishment Media has incredulously downplayed Clinton’s “freely” granted interview with the FBI (who would simply order a subpoena if she did not cooperate). Some media sources initially suggested the interview would take place in the comfort of Hillary’s home! Naturally, yesterday’s interview was conducted at FBI headquarterin Washington.

Many people fear that the Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta Lynch may be a sign the FBI will go easy on Hillary. They worry there is something suspicious about the timing between that meeting and Hillary’s FBI interview just a few days later.

The timing is surely related. But I suspect Bill Clinton’s inappropriate meeting with Loretta Lynch was a reaction to the scheduled interview, not the cause of it – and it reveals a hard-felt loss of control within the Clinton camp.

The Backfire

Bill’s interference backfired big time. It forced, or allowed, Lynch to publicly declare the FBI’s recommendation will stand unchallenged. It also sets the stage so that, should the FBI not indict, Americans would find it vastly more difficult to believe in Hillary’s innocence.

Despite all their power, the Clintons appear to be in a downward spiral. How do you think Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign will be affected?