When Icelanders became disillusioned with Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson after his name was revealed in the leaked Panama Papers, they took to the streets in hot protest. As a result, Gunnlaugsson resigned.

The important thing to note is this: The Icelandic people exerted a powerful impact on their government. We can do it in the States.

It is true that Iceland is a far cry from the United States. The population is less than 350,000. Iceland boasts both a President and a Prime Minister. Iceland is a harsh land covered with volcanoes and glaciers, and its people possess the ferocious DNA of Vikings. Political practices that work in Iceland cannot be applied in the U.S. Our structural foundations are too different.

But there is a political principle demonstrated in Iceland that may be successfully applied in our own country: People can exert a powerful impact on their government.

America is now in the midst of an extraordinary election cycle. An abundance of outspoken disgust is directed at corporate power, and a bought Congress, which obstruct solutions to urgent problems and prevent societal advancement. Has the moment finally arrived for modern Americans to exert their power over government?

Progressives think so. They’re gearing up for powerful protest demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention this month. The proceedings will be, hopefully, entirely peaceful. However, many arrests are anticipated.

We’ll #SeeYouInPhilly

The spotlight is on protest demonstrations surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia July 25-28. In addition, there are solidarity events scheduled all around the country. All protests and marches are intent upon building a political revolution to end corruption and restore American democracy.

“We’ll #SeeYouInPhilly – we don’t have to accept the corrupted will of the ruling class. You don’t know your own power – we invite you to march with us in Philadelphia and everywhere.” ~ The People’s Math Front

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Again, just to confirm, Bernie Sanders is still in the presidential race. While mainstream media doesn’t seem to see it this way, some of the smaller news outlets are aware…

Why Bernie Sanders Fans Do Not Need to Give Up for Another Month |  Inquisitr

“The headlines seem to officially confirm that Bernie Sanders has thrown in the towel for getting nominated as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, but has time truly run out? ~ Maryam Louise

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