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Two More Black Lives Lost: Alton Sterling & Philando Castile | TYT Politics

More intolerable tragedy. Murders. Police shoot and kill two innocent black men within 24 hours.

“TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton spoke with New York Daily News columnist Shaun King on July 7, 2016 about the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.” ~ TYT Politics

Stepping back from these heart-wrenching scenes, setting aside grief and sympathy, I wonder how on earth such men could be police officers. Why did they chose a dangerous profession, in the first place? They are too easily frightened and panic-stricken. They end up escalating routine police duties into murderous chaos — where they are the ones who commit the hideous crimes.

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JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She sometimes writes fiction about Chester (the Alpha Bichon) and his friends -- with a dash of humor and dab of Poli-Sci. JoAnn's views and insights are tinted by her past profession in Counseling, Christian theological studies, and Library and Information Science training. Retired now, JoAnn enjoys the creative life.


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